Oscillator A is what happens when two acclaimed aural astronauts join forces to navigate the ether…


Cye Wood is a composer, producer and session musician who began studying classical violin at age three, and Christian Pyle is a producer, engineer, composer/songwriter who began his career as a rock guitarist in his early teens.


Their initial brief was to experiment with soundtracks for non-existent films, but as they fell in love with their art, their output expanded and they began creating abstract videos to accompany their musical manifestations. So far they have released a series of forty videos, their most recent release being the long awaited sequel to their five part “Interstellar Refugee” series (their first long-form short film) – “Carnalian”.


Although they find great joy in creating celluloid images, they are both lifelong instrumentalists whose first love is music, All their work is created together at the world class Prawn and Spanner studios. The studio is fully stocked with hundreds of instruments that allow them to conjure and capture a wide and unending stream of melody and atmosphere, which all serves to feed the plethora of sound that is unmistakably – Oscillator A.




contact – cyewood@gmail.com / +61499196051 / prawnandspanner@gmail.com                              
portraits by  Jaka Adamic – ADAMIC.COM.AU